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0x0 at your fingertips

KNOX Reset 5 has the capability to root your phone, reset your KNOX to 0x0(0) and enable S Pay. The app has been re-engineered to match the needs of the user and simplify the process as much as possible. Here are some highlights 

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Over 300 devices and counting...

Whether you're using the latest & greatest Samsung model or a mid-range device, we've got you covered. We even support multiple budget devices. 

Supported Devices


The most reliable way to get back to 0x0. Period.

KNOX Reset was developed over the course of 5 years. The original version was released by Venus342 in 2014. KNOX Reset 5 has evolved from the original variant improving it in every aspect.

open source

KNOX Reset 5 is 100% open source.


To increase transparency and garner trust, KNOX Reset 5 has been made 100% open-source and the entire code is uploaded to our Github page.


As easy as clicking a button.

Click a button, go back to 0x0(0). No complications, no hassle.*

*For a streamlined experience, the requirements must be met pre-purchase.

Wanna try? Just press.


Not working out? Get a refund.

OrangeMedia offers refunds up to 15 days from purchase for a seamless and hassle free experience.*

*T&C Apply


Having trouble? Just visit our support page.

Our live chat 24x7x365 provides technical assistance anytime, anywhere. In case of issues, you can open a ticket or call us directly.

And a lot more.

experience it yourself.